Venue location
Auto Cluster Exhibition Center H-Block, Chinchwad East, 181, Old Mumbai – Pune Hwy, MIDC, Chinchwad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411019

Dates and Expo Hours
10th-12th January, 2024 10:00AM - 05:00PM

Renewable Energy Expo & Electric Vehicle Expo Introduction

The Renewable Energy Expo and Electric Vehicle Expo, also known as REEVEXPO, is an annual event that serves as a platform for professionals and enthusiasts alike to come together and explore the latest innovations in renewable energy and electric vehicles. With a focus on creating a sustainable future, this expo showcases cutting-edge technologies, products, and services from leading industry players.

Attendees have the opportunity to network with thought leaders, participate in educational seminars and workshops, and gain valuable insights into the future of clean energy solutions. The REEVEXPO provides an immersive experience where attendees can interact with live demonstrations of solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, and charging stations.

This expo not only raises awareness about the benefits of utilizing renewable resources but also fosters collaborations among industry experts to drive forward advancements in clean technology. For anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field or seeking innovative solutions for their business needs, attending the REEVEXPO is an invaluable opportunity.

One of the key highlights of the REEVEXPO is the emphasis on knowledge sharing and learning. The expo offers a wide range of educational seminars and workshops conducted by experts in the field. These sessions provide attendees with in-depth insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Whether it's understanding the intricacies of solar power integration or exploring the potential of electric vehicle infrastructure, the REEVEXPO ensures that participants leave with a wealth of knowledge and a better understanding of the clean energy landscape. Moreover, the networking opportunities at the expo are invaluable.

Attendees can connect with thought leaders, industry professionals, and like-minded enthusiasts, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can drive forward advancements in clean technology. The REEVE truly serves as a catalyst for innovation and progress in the renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors.